E-Commerce Design & Development

It's more than a $175 Billion Dollar Industry! Are you prepared for it?

Definition: The buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

So Now What?

E-Commerce Developers St. Cloud, MN - Saint Cloud, MNWe have heard the stories of people dumping their hard earned money into E-Commerce solutions that produce little to no return on investment. Most believe that because they have a product to sell, it should be sold on the internet. However, most people are uncertain as to what it takes in order to actually have a successful storefront online. What's more is that even though a majority of web design companies are familiar with setting up an E-Commerce storefront, most lack the marketing know-how and industry relationships needed to be successful.

We help our clients understand the logistics of E-commerce and actually pre-qualify them before developing and/or suggesting an E-commerce solution.

Our approach is somewhat intrinsic:  We want to make sure that we can deliver the results our clients are requesting. We cover your target audience, the market you are looking to capture, your traditional forms of marketing, current sales cycle, inventory management, customer and/or seasonal trends, sales and shipping management, payment gateways, security, search engines, search engine marketing, social networking and much more.

We’re ready to help: Blue Link Design is proud partner with Google Engage for Agencies, we are a member of eBay’s Developer Program, PayPal’s Developer Program, a Google Authorized Merchant, a Reseller of SSL Certificates, and Authorize.net approved.