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What Does Your Website Say About You?
  • Jan 01 2014 , 7:00 AM

It's winter.  The pile of paperwork on your L-Shaped desk has dwindled down to a couple of notes that you wrote three or four months ago during an arduous conversation with your marketing folks in regards to having a website designed or developed for your business. Just next to those notes are what appear to be ring shaped coffee stains basically tattooed or etched within the wood grain of your desk. One particular stain subtly reminds you that last quarter's revenue was down and that you had the coffee pot brewing full-time as you and your sales people worked to the grindstone just to break even for the quarter.

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  • Nov 09 2014 , 5:14 PM

So..I've caught a lot of flack internally for not updating the blog and quite frankly that could only mean one thing.  We've been busy!  In the last two quarters, we've developed over ten mobile applications or mobile websites.  I can tell you that we are currently seeing several app requests for the medical and retail industry.  Of those requests, seventy five percent of them have been for hybrid apps (native apps that pull real-time data from an online database or cloud).  Hybrid apps are currently being used by your big Banks, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Google and etc. Hybrid or Native Web Applications are somewhat a new phenomenon at this point.  However, I really think they will become the standard in the next year or two.

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