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Understanding Search Engine Optimization

The Good 'Ole Days: We used to just advertise in the newspaper or yellow book and we used to just pay more than the other guys if we wanted more leads. Right? Who could blame us though? Those yellow pages have been around since like 1886 or something and this "Internet Search" phenomenon all happened over a span of 20 some years. When some of us ask our Grandparents about the Good 'Ole Days, a few will mention that they liked it the old way. "Life was simple. Folks worked hard and had values". Others are quick to say things like; "The only thing good about 'em is that they're gone." Maybe both responses are food for thought.

The Reality: Around the late 90's, Google, Yahoo, and MSN (now Bing) came along with their fancy "Local Results", "Search Engine Algorithms", and "Ad Campaigns". They ended up competing against each other promising to produce the best search results and customer experiences possible (We actually think this is pretty sweet but we're trying to build a story here...). Slowly but surely customers have refrained from flipping through the yellow pages of their local telephone books. They are now using the internet via their computers, tablets and cell phones to search locally or nationally for products and services. This stings a bit - we know. Its happened to us web designers and developers too. As most are probably aware, a poor search engine ranking nowadays can impact your business's reputation and its bottom-line. In other words, you might have the best product or service available but if those products or services can't be found on Google, someone else picks up a customer. Plain and simple.

Common SEO Misconceptions: Search Engine Optimization is no longer a convenient business tool or website add-on. It's not just adding a page title and some meta tags either. Some folks even think that you just need to add a bunch of keywords to a website to see results. We don't blame them. This is what we've been told. Most people and even some web designers do not realize that Google doesn't acknowledge most meta tags. Especially the meta "keywords" tag. No, we're not kidding. We still use several meta tags and also the keyword tag as best practice but we encourage you to learn more about what meta tags Google actually understands. Organic SEO is an art form and its an absolute necessity. Chances are that if you offer a product or service for your industry, you'll find plenty of competition lingering within your Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

The "Organic" Isle: Did you know that 95% of search engine users do not go beyond the first page of search results regardless of device? That's 95%! Have you also considered that over 65% of most website traffic comes via Organic Search Results? We've asked Google to define organic SEO for us and this is what it came up with (via a 3rd party website): "Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) refers to the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine.". With the exception of the "unpaid" portion, we agree with that definition. Blue Link Design offers enhanced "Organic" search engine optimization services. We call it "Crafted Traffic". We've spent several years and several dollars developing what we feel is the perfect SEO formula. Blue Link's Crafted Traffic can help increase your rank on major search engines, attract more visitors, convert visitors to customers and keep them coming back again and again.  Our SEO professionals are certified for Google Analytics and Google Adwords via Google's Partner Program and they know how to put your website at the forefront and allow you to successfully showcase your products and services at the right time and to the right people.

What Makes Us Different: Blue Link Design uses only the best practices when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines. We've developed one of the best SEO strategies available for assisting Google in familiarizing itself with your business and your website. Our approach is 100% white hat, ethical, strategic, persistent and proven.  We use only the best industry techniques and standards for optimal SEO results.  At the end of the day however; it's all about achieving a return on investment (ROI). The promise to our SEO clients is a simple, straight-forward and honest one: If you do not achieve the results agreed upon after six months of service, you pay nothing until you do.

The Right Partnership: Your online success starts with having the right partner. The right partner has to have the right reputation, experience, tools, and expertise. We are a Minnesota Based Company with offices in Duluth, North Branch (Northern Outer Metro), Saint Cloud and Minneapolis. We have helped hundreds of clients reach their online goals. When we say we truly have a vested interest in your success, we mean it. Our Enhanced SEO Services can actually save you time and money. That optimizes your schedule and your bank account as well. If you are spending a ton of money right now on search engine marketing; let us show you how you can spend less. If you need to spend more to broaden your horizons but need professional management to re-enforce your efforts; we are happy to help you. Whether you're a large corporation in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or near the Twin Cities; Or, your'e located in Northern Minnesota as a manufacturer in Duluth; Rather, maybe you're a niche business out of Central Minnesota based in St. Cloud. Wherever you are and whatever your business offers in Minnesota, Nationally or to the rest of the World, put our SEO Services to the challenge today!

"Blue Link's creativity and communication made our project (Website and SEO) seamless. They have the customers best interests always in mind."

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What We Do.

Blue Link Design will review and assess your current website description. We delve well beyond the obvious word selections. Rather than scratch the surface we dig deeper in order to produce a site description that ultimately make sense given the content, products or services provided.

Once we implement the appropriate site description, our next phase is improving the mark-up of your website.  Our markup enhancement includes improving or applying: Meta tags, Titles and Headings, Removing unwanted or unnecessary code, applying micro-data, character sets, schema and more.

Ahh.. the supporting role.  Content plays a vital character in the overall health and ranking of a website.  We ensure that your website is laced with the best supporting content possible.  Content that re-enforces your page titles, descriptions, engages customers and produces results.

Websites do not fare well on search engines if they contain errors or broken links. Blue Link Design will assess all files and folders, including robot.txt, .htaccess and more. We'll make sure your website is in tip top shape in order to perform well on search engines.

A chain is only as good as its weakest link and so holds true when it comes to outside or third party websites that link to your website. Domain Authority and Page Rank matters. We will develop a strategic and aggressive strategy for getting links to your website from popular and pertinent sources or websites.

Having the correct information available for Search Engines is vital. First we audit and then we focus making sure your information is accurate and professional on Local Directories, Rich Media and Social Media.

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